E-Grounds uses cookies for functional, analytical and marketing purposes. Cookies are small, locally stored, files that websites use to track information about users. For more information about cookies, please visit:
The main purpose of cookies placed by our website is to track user experience throughout the website. We save data about how users navigate the website, but are strict to never collect personally identifiable data. This means we don’t collect data like exact locations, ip-addresses and keystrokes. We collect the minimum amount of data required for our purposes and will never sell any of it to third parties. We do not use cookies to retarget, remarket or identify users in any way.
To effectively and safely process data collected we work with one data-processors (Twitch). Twitch is restricted from processing data without explicit request and prohibited from becoming a controller and processing and sharing the data any further, outlined in our Data Processing Agreement.
In the table below, you can find an overview of the Cookies we use, their function and the period they are active.
api_token1 yearTwitchNecessary for the implementation of video-content on the website.Functional
experiment_overrides1 yearTwitchCollects data on the user across websites - This data is used to make advertisement more relevant.Marketing
referrer_urlSessionTwitchDetects how the user reached the website by registering their last URL-address.Analytical
server_session_idSessionTwitchRegisters which server-cluster is serving the visitor. This is used in context with load balancing, in order to optimize user experience.Functional
unique_id_durable1 yearTwitchRegisters whether the user is logged in. This allows the website owner to make parts of the website inaccessible, based on the user's log-in status.Functional
unique_id1 yearTwitchPreserves users states across page requests.Functional
local_copy_unique_idPersistentTwitchContains data on visitor's video-content preferencesAnalytical
local_storage_app_session_idPersistentTwitchNecessary for the implementation and functionality of Twitch video-content on the website.Marketing
local_storage_device_idPersistentTwitchNecessary for the implementation and functionality of Twitch video-content on the website.Marketing
sentry_device_idPersistentTwitchRequired for the embedded media player to operate.Functional
locale1 yearE-GroundsSaves user's preferred display languageFunctional
vue-cookie-accept-decline-cookie-consentPersistentE-GroundsSaves user cookie preferenceFunctional
locale1 yearTalkJSSaves user's preferred display languageFunctional
MUID1 yearMicrosoft ClarityStore and track visits across websites.Tracking
_clck1 dayMicrosoft ClarityStore and combine pageviews by a user into a single session recording.Tracking
_clck1 yearMicrosoft ClarityStore a unique user ID.Tracking
CLID3 monthsMicrosoft ClarityIdentifies the first-time Clarity saw this user on any site using Clarity.Tracking
_cltkSessionMicrosoft ClarityStore and track interaction.Tracking
_ga_*1 yearGoogle AnalyticsStore and count pageviews.Tracking
_ga2 yearsGoogle AnalyticsStore and count pageviews.Tracking
_gcl_auPersistentGoogle AdsenseStore and track conversions.Marketing
_fbp3 monthsFacebookStore and track visits across websites.Marketing